Warming up the Goalkeeper II

I utilize a footwork grid to warm the legs up before stretching. Begin at an easy relaxed pace. The final time through should be at approximately 90% of full speed. The goal keeper should have broken a sweat by the time we finish with the last repetition of this exercise.

The toes of both feet should always be pointed down the field and never angled towards the sidelines or in any other direction.  Watch a goalkeeper perform the footwork grid outlined below. When the feet stray from being directly down the field the hips follow.  This effective shuts the goalkeeper off from a significant portion of the field by increasing the movement required to change directions. It can also narrow the goalkeepers field of  vision opening an area of greater vulnerability on the weakside.
With the palms out.
In a good defensive stance, goalkeeper "ready position".
Head up.

In an 8 yd x 8 yd grid.                        3-5 repetitions

            - Forward

            - Left lateral shuffle

            - Right drop step into diagonal shuffle back

            - Right over left crossovers

            - Forward

            - Right lateral shuffle

            - Left drop step into diagonal shuffle back

            - Left over right crossovers

            - Left forward shuffle

            - Back pedal

            - Right forward Shuffle

            - Back pedal

            - Shuffle arc right to left

            - Shuffle arc left to right.


Particular attention should be paid to the athlete using the correct foot to plant on and explosively change directions from. Plant hard on the left foot to explode to the right. Plant hard on the right foot to explode to the left.  A primary focus is on economy and  efficiency of movement.
Service can be added on forward movements.  Ground balls, bouncing balls, driven balls, flighted balls.
Collapse dives can be added to diagonally forward movements. Begin with a stationary ball and progress to service.
*It is extremely important to remember quality of repetition is of far more importance than quantity or repetition.  We are striving for TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE.

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