Warming up the Goalkeeper

Warming up the goalkeeper.
Step 1

Ball familiarity is the first thing to do every practice. Many of the exercises employed in this phase are taken from my experiences in playing and coaching basketball as they translate well to goal keeping.
I ask GK'ers to have both feet pointed in the same direction for each of these exercises. In fact, I demand it.  This is one of the foundational things we do throughout the warmup. It will be explained in greater depth as we move through the process of warming up the GK'er.

10 repetitions each

             - Around each leg in each direction

            - Figure 8

            - Around both legs together in each direction

            - Around the waist in both directions

            - Around the head in both directions

            - Speed drill up and down the body

            - Machine gun – One hand front, one hand back between the legs

            - Popcorn - 2 hands front to 2 hands back between the legs

For variety I sometimes add in

            - Walking figure 8

            - High ball, lead with each leg with “KEEPER!”call.

 Can be done in pairs with GK's moving towards one another and collecting the ball side by side to add passive pressure

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