I have commented on the large and growing library of books (and videos) I have. Those who meet e in person know I often ask "What is you favorite book on soccer?"  Still, I was mildly surprised when someone recently ask the same question of me.

I thought of listing every book (and video) I have here, but have decided for now to make a "Top Five" list. No reviews on these titles for now.  I might eventually expand it to a top 10 or perhaps do something by subject matter / topic.   If you have suggestions for inclusion on the list or would like to recommend a book for me to read, leave a comment below or contact me at   I also review books for authors and various sites that sell books so if you are an author, I am open to reviewing your work as well. Or perhaps you would like a recommendation for a book to read? 

Tim's Top Five List.

Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathon Wilson

Coaching Soccer by Bert van Lingen

Principles of Play by Allen Wade

Soccer for Thinkers by Malcolm Allison

Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski

A handful of other books were of great help to me in my first years of coaching soccer. One might say the following titles laid an initial foundation.

The Complete Book of Coaching Youth Soccer  by Simon Whitehead.
In my early days of learning soccer I stumbled upon this book quite by accident and became thankful I did. For beginning parent coaches new to the game this book is perfect. It is well written and well illustrated. It provides the basics.

NSCAA's Coaching Soccer edited by Tim Schum
The original is, I believe, now out of print. This became my go-to reference book and remains so to this day. I wore out my first copy and purchased what was purported to be one of the last remaining original editions. That was many years.  It contains short articles / exercises / small-sided games on all things soccer. The contributors, perhaps 100+, are a virtual who's who of soccer.  This book is just loaded with useful information. The NSCAA has published a follow up to this book titled The Soccer Coaching Bible.  I much prefer the original.

Zonal Defending by Jack Detchon
This is not the authoritative book on all things related to defending zonally. However, it is a great introductory book on zonal defending.  Well written. Well illustrated.  If you want to learn the basics of zonal defending this is a good place to start.  There is an accompanying video that is also very good.

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