Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I am thankful for all of God's blessings past, present and future- great and small. I am thankful for my imperfections as they lead to wonderous learning opportunities, especially when I am patient and rely on God's light and strength to see me through. I am thankful for forgiveness and to forgive. I am thankful for those that walk life's path with me - family, friends and the people I encounter along the way that soon will be. I am thankful to enjoy God's wonderous creation - its beauty, its strength and its simple glory. I am thankful that God called upon me to serve him and especially thankful to do so here in the US of A. Thank you Lord.


Summer 2013 Soccer Camps

Three of the approximately eight weeks of 2013 summer camps are already spoken for. If you are interested in hosting one, please contact us soon! We do team camps, small group clinics, GKer training and will for the first time be conducting a "How to" clinic in conjunction with a recreational league for new or novice coaches!  Contact us at 567-204-6083


REACT & RID for November 20, 2012

REACT moment for November 20, 2012

Wing loses the ball off the dribble to the second defender.

Real Time:
Did I know the second defender was present?
Did I have a plan for defeating the second defender before I took on the first defender?

Be a game watcher, not a ball watcher.
Scan the field consantly.
Remember we want to be in numbers up positions and not be caught playing numbers down as has happened here.
Remember, if beating the first defender to the outside, move inside to eliminate his pursuit and engage the second defender on your terms. This opens the outside for an overlap and can set up a wall pass combination on the inside.
Remember that when defeating the first defender inside you have created space outside for an overlapping run.
Work with a partner on combination passes. 
If a partner is not available, a kickback board or bench laid on its side can be used for some combinations.
Execute a move to defeat / isolate a defender going into the combination pass sequence.



REACT & RID for November 15, 2012

REACT moment for November 15, 2012

This one will look at returning the oars in the row the boat motion.

Have trouble controlling chest traps

Real Time:
Did I have my arms pulled back before contact with the ball?
Did I return the oars (extend the arms) as the ball made impact?
Were my arms extended too soon?

At the next dead ball practice returning the oars.  Row the boat and then return the oars.  Feel the extended chest concave as the arms are extended.

Toss the ball in the air and receive it off your chest usingthe  proper motion of returning the oars.  Practice this with a partner serving a thrown ball.  Progress to fielding a punted ball from a short distance.


REACT & RID for November 12, 2012

REACT moment for November 12, 2012

This one is for the goalkeepers.

Attacking ball carrier breaks free behind defense for a score.

Real Time:
Did I come out to cut down angles and transfer pressure to make the play to the attacker?
Did I approach the attacker at the same pace he was coming at me?
Did a stay BIG for as long as possible to force the attacker to make the play?
Did I read the cues to know when the attacker was going to take the shot?
Was I set?
Did I execute a proper collapse dive?

Remind yourself to take control of the situation.
Remind yourself to relax, stay calm and transfer the pressure to make the play to the attacker.
Remind yourself when you can make the play - when the ball is outside the attackers feet (being layed off to set up a shot) or when the attacker plays the ball more than a step ahead.
At halftime or at the first opportunity practice a couple of collapse dives.

Practice collapse dives alone.
Practice collapse dives with a partner - both of you going to the same stationary ball to get used to congestion about you when performing this technique.
Place 2 benches on their sides approximately 25 yards out from goal with flat surfaces facing goal and seperated about 10 yards. Have a partner stand another 5 yards in back of the benches. Serve the ball against a bench. When the ball touches the bench, the partner moves forward to play the ball creating a 1 v 1 situation.  Working on breakaways in this manner allows the GK to control the pace of the activity.


Ohio High School Athletic Association State Finals

It has become something of a tradition for my family to attend the Ohio High School Athletic Association's Soccer Championships at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Today's writing will be observations from yesterday and state tournament experiences in general.

One of the the first things to strike me each year is how very different officiating is at the state tournament than what we see throughout the year. Yesterday this was particularly true during the Division III Boys Final between Cincinnati Summit Country Day and Gates Mills Hawken.  The referee crew for this game "let them play".  It became an extremely physical game and credit goes to both teams for maintaining composure and a proper spirit.


REACT & RID for November 8, 2012

REACT moment for November 8, 2012

Attacking ball carrier uses the defenders momentum to defeat him.

Real Time:
Did I channel first?
Did I approach to take away an option?
Did I utilize a bounce step?

Remind yourself to channel first, close down second.
Remind yourself to approach R shoulder to R shoulder or L to L to make attacker predictable.
During the next dead ball quickly practice a bounce step or two .

Practicing with a partner in a 10 yd x 20 yd grid.  Serve to your partner on a diagonal then channel first, close down at an angle (the ? approach) second, bounce step and churn your feet to eaiser maintain containment.  If you do not have a partner, use a kick back wall or a bench - play the ball against the surface and then channel, close down, bounce step and contain in front of the returning ball.