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The following five articles address the club tryout process from a variety of perspectives. Whether you are a player, parent, coach or club administrator, are new to club soccer or a seasoned veteran of the process I am sure you will find something of interest in these articles.  In my day "cross trained" was a trendy phrase in the business world. Reading the following articles will provide cross training of the tryout process to some degree and that is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of presenting the information in this format.  Enjoy!

Tryout Season For Club Soccer is Upon us:  This article provides a general overview of the club tryout process in a Fact / Fiction format.


Tryout Questions for Parents and Players: Anytime you make a major purchase you are likely to research the product. You want to address your specific needs and get the best deal out there. This article provides the questions you will need to consider when gathering information about the club whose team you are trying out for.  Buyer Beware!  There are shysters in the club soccer world just as there are in any other business. Yes, in almost all instances club soccer is a business, A BIG business.


The Coach's Perspective on Tryouts:  In school you probably learned the importance of getting to know your teacher and what his / her expectations for the classroom and tests were. The better understanding of these expectations you developed the better you likely did in that class.  The same holds true for soccer coaches and tryouts.  This article contains some general guidelines for coaches that will also benefit players and parents in building a relationship with the coach.


College Soccer Scholarships: The Facts:  If you are under the impression club soccer is an avenue to a free college education you are wrong.  These facts will prove that to you.  Your chances are slightly better if you are a girl, but you would still be far better off financially if you took the money you will spend on club soccer and put it in a savings account for college.


By Invitation Only?:  This is an article that should be among our most read. The information contained within is that important.  If your child is personally invited to tryout, this is a good thing.  If you are a coach looking to grow numbers and or quality of participation extending a personal invitation to tryout is a valuable tool.  This article has something for everyone involved in the process.


A special bonus for those of you still reading.

What do I look for in a player?:  This sixth article provides details of what I personally look for during tryouts. What works for me will not work for everyone.  However, over two springs my last team went 78 - 12 - 8 winning multiple league, showcase and tournament titles. The most important thing I did as a coach was selecting the right players for the team.


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