It's all about the kids until it becomes about the money

If a child wishes to play but is truly unable to afford to play, I make it happen for him or her.  Over 4 decades of involvement with youth and amateur sports I have found a way on many an occasion to make sure lack of money was not an issue for anyone wishing to participate. From funding them through a "scholarship" to finding them work to pay for their expenses to digging deep into my own pocket, I've never knowingly turned anyone away due to lack of funds.

There have been a few kindred spirits along the way. Those who think as I do on this subject. Individuals willing to "sponsor" a child or even a team to make it happen for them. 

Of course, there have been others who take a much harder "it's a business" stance when it comes to financing youth sports. I have heard, "Can't pay / Can't play"  far more often than I should have over the years. 

Today, a (former) trusted agent, someone who had seemingly shared this vision I have took the money and ran.  After I did all the leg work in setting up an opportunity for him only to see the people who he would be serving become unresponsive, I stepped in and found an alternative opportunity.  I couldn't promise the same amount of money from this new opportunity to him on such short notice, but as expected he quickly asserted "the money doesn't matter." 

Only this time it did. A friendship of nearly 20 years thrown away for less than $1000.00?  That's the value this former trusted agent placed on our "friendship."

After weeks of being ignored by the first group and after alternative arrangements had been made and those plans put in motion, my long time trusted agent finally heard from the original group and promptly broke his promise to the alternative group and me.  Left me hung out to dry with a sullied reputation.



I gave him $10.00
They gave him $20.00
He felt they offered a better deal because they gave him more money.
But they had $200.00 in their pockets.
I had $10.00 in my pocket.

Today's lessons?

1) It's all about the kids until it becomes about the money.
2) Some value money more than friendship.

Yes, I am disappointed. Trust has been broken. A long-time friendship is in peril.  

I will now dig deeper to provide a quality experience for the second group of kids I promised it to. Not exactly sure how with my knee injury, but I am confident God will provide the answer. I have this feeling a new trusted agent is about to enter our lives.  I'm not sure who he or she will be just yet, but I'm eagerly anticipating opening the door to discover who is behind it.

To be honest, I recently changed jobs because my family situation changed and I needed to make more money. So, karma?  Maybe.  I had to remain true to my family or risk losing our house. My former friend?  No such close connection.  In fact, he will not even know any of the people he will be working with by name. I brought him to the opportunity. I was his link to the group. This is about lining his pockets. Does he need the money as bad as I do?  Extremely doubtful. He was all about serving the youth until he was all about the money.  Sad.


What a coach does.

When you look at what a coach does

it comes down to 4 basic things, 

it is leadership, 

it is communication, 

it is teaching, 

it is motivation. 

It really comes down to just those four things.

Is there anything more beautiful than teamwork?

I recently stumbled across a link I had saved a couple of years ago.  Truth be told, I save links all the time with the intent of reviewing the content at a later point in time. Sometimes I actually follow through and do so. Other times, not so much. And then there invariably comes the moment when I decide I need to clear old links out. While doing just this I rediscovered this link I had titled TEAMWORK.  I found a shorter version of the original. Go ahead and take a look.

I think what makes this work is the range of ages participating. It looks to me the youngest are perhaps 10 years of age while the oldest are perhaps in their 60's?  I've watched other clips of this group as well and they are all outstanding.

When I consider the near complete lack of ego that must be present to make this work so beautiful I can only admire and be a bit jealous of the commitment and selflessness in evidence. 162 people of all ages working collectively towards a common goal!  The product is beyond beautiful, whatever beyond beautiful might be.

Like being welcomed into Heaven.

A fuller version with a bit more background.

A choir with roles and responsibilities being seamlessly fulfilled!  I wish for my teams to aspire to such greatness in their teamwork. A sense of community.  A sense of oneness.  One heartbeat in pursuit of a common goal.  Wow!