LEGACY by James Kerr

On the recommendation of a friend the book Legacy by James Kerr was among the books I bought myself for Christmas. I finally got around to reading it and discovered it was as “unputdownable” as Bloomberg reviewed it to be.   I think one reason I put off reading it was because I am a soccer coach and this is a book about the All Blacks rugby team. Only, it’s not about rugby at all.  It’s about culture and leadership. It’s about life.

A personal strength of mine lies in building soccer programs.  Not just a team, but the program.  And not a rebuild either.  I truly enjoy taking a program that maybe has not had on-the-field success and helping them find that elusive success. Another way to frame this is to say I have a knack for taking a program and team to the next level.  This invariably entails improving the programs / teams culture by infusing it with positivity and giving it my confidence. THIS is what Legacy is all about.

The book is not in a bullet pointed step by step format on how to do things the right way, but it is in a coherent format that touches on the basics, or the core, concepts, ideas and philosophies that lead to success.  The All Blacks are the vehicle used to relate the values that drive success. And, along this journey I discovered I’ve been doing a lot of things right in accordance with the book. There are also things, many things, I have learned through reading this book. These I will be sharing with the programs and teams I work with going forward.  Thank you Mr. James Kerr.  Much appreciated.

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