A brief look inside our Pace of Play Camps

Combining the Keys to Pace of Play, Sequence of Touches and the Four Elements of the Game of Soccer are essential to playing fast soccer. This is a THINKING man’s game.

Keys to Pace of Play
·        Be in your teammate’s vision early

·        Know your next play before your first touch

·        Be a back footed player
Do not close your hips to the passer
Keep your hips open to as much of the field as possible.
Heels to touch when playing in wide channels

·        Play the way you face

Sequence of Touches – Two touch play with the inside of the foot. Toes up heel down only
·        Right / Right
·        Right / Left
·        Left / Left
·        Left / Right

The Four Elements of the Game of Soccer

·        Penetration

·        Depth

·        Width

·        Mobility

There's more, of course.  We build activities around these ideas.

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