The "P" Words

Prayer is an important first step in any endeavor. Give thanks for the opportunity. Ask for guidance and allow God to provide you strength to see you through.
Proper preparation is the key to an endeavor. It is important to study for the test you are about to undertake. Prayer is a form of preparation, but don't assume God will do it all. You need to put in work to be ready for your opportunity.
Get started. Sometimes this seems easier said than done. Lot's of people prepare only to get cold feet. They lack Faith to see it through. Remember your prayers and preparations. Take the first step.
Two rules here.  1) Always take one more step.  2) Refer to Rule #1.  The most difficult opponent is the one who never gives up. Make sure whomever you are going against gets your best effort.
We all want to win. The first four "P" words are about getting you to the point of winning.  The cold hard fact is, no one wins every time. Sooner or later the scoreboard will show you came up short. The satisfaction found in winning can also be found in having done your best.  Prevailing is not always about where you finish, although that is important. Sometimes it about how you played the game. The improvement made. The sportsmanship shown.  The honor and respect on display in your play.

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