Good Luck Ottawa-Glandorf Lady Titans!

The Ottawa-Glandorf Lady Titans will be playing for the Division III State Championship at 7:00 pm on Friday in Columbus Crew Stadium.  We wish them nothing but the best of luck!  I encourage all in Western Buckeye League land to make the trip and have their backs with your support!

When your dreams start to seem so impossible and road blocks are all you see,

look beyond all the problems you face and focus on the possibilities.

Don’t limit your thoughts to the present or to solutions you have learned from the past.

Remember to keep looking forward. You may find the answer at last.

It is you whom determines your future, how your journey through tomorrow will be.

To fill all your days with adventure, dare to see what no one else dares to see.

So never let obstacles stop you or keep you from doing your part.

Have Faith that your dreams are all possible, if you truly believe in your heart.
Good Luck Lady Titans!

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