I want the truth!

One of the things driving today's writings on communication is a recent conversation I had with a young player.  He is one of these kids that constantly asks questions seeking input on how to improve his game. This fall he has been asking questions of his coach, trying his utmost to do as the coach counsels and instructs but has not seen playing time increase.  He is frustrated but also has an indomitable spirit. He stays positive even as he doesn't understand his circumstance.

I am familiar with his coach from soccer related activities. In my own dealings with the coach I have found him to be evasive in responding to certain questions and circumstances. Indecisiveness is no way to lead. It might be because he doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings. Maybe he is not confident in the position he has taken on specific matters.  I certainly cannot speak for him. These are questions he should answer, but if he refuses to we have little recourse.

Communication must be clear, concise and purposeful.  Open, Honest and Sincere.  If communication is found lacking in any of these areas it will be ineffective.

Effective communication instills, develops and nurtures trust
Ineffective communication plants seeds of
distrust, doubt and suspicion
The choice of how to communicate is YOURS to make.

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