Team Rules.

Those who have played for me appreciate that I do not have a lot of team rules. In fact, I have had only three stated rules for years now and am seriously considering cutting that number to one.

My three team rules are as follows,

1) Give the best effort you have on any given day. (Work hard)
2) Have FUN.
3) Don't piss off the coach.

In all honesty the third rule is more of a fun way to say "stay focused on soccer when at soccer."  Anyone can say "Rule #3" and the message is sent without the necessity to lecture or belabor the point.

When I have coached high school I have had to include a school's established set of rules or the"Athlete's Code of Conduct"  in my team rules package.  These will include policies on alcohol, drug and tobacco usage, academic requirements, proper care of uniforms, school attendance and the like.

Long ago I realized all these rules can be summed up with one simple word.  And it doesn't pertain just to rules for a soccer team, it works for life as well.


All rules revolve around respect.

Respect the game - the pitch, opponents, referees, spectators
Respect your teammates - players, coaches, athletic trainers, physical trainers, medical personnel, maintenance workers and grounds keepers, administrators, gate workers, announcers, scoreboard operators, concessions workers, bus drivers.
Respect your parents, family, friends

Just RESPECT the people who work hard for you and your team - you should do your part to help them do what they do for you.  Be on time.  Be prepared. Give intelligent effort. Take care of your uniform & equipment. Eat properly. Stay hydrated. Clean up after yourself.

In the grand scheme of things is there anything the one word rule of RESPECT doesn't cover?

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