How many players have you sent on to college?

How many players have you sent on to college?

Last week I was contacted by a coach inquiring about having me work with her team. We were not 3 minutes into the conversation when she asked how many players I had "put into college".

Yeah, there was a pregnant pause there as I thought over how to answer that one.

After quickly collecting my thoughts I replied "none."

Now, there have been quite a few players from my teams, clinics and camps who have gone on to play in college but I take no credit for their success. The players put in the work and reaped the reward. 

That answer wasn't good enough for her and after a few more attempts to have me name players and colleges she exasperatedly asked, "Then what is the purpose of your camps and teams?"

I gave the standard reply to the questions about the club teams I coach - We founded the club to prepare area players to play for their high school teams.

As far as my camps are concerned - After working college camps and ODP, I knew I could offer a similar experience at far less cost and the kids could sleep in their own beds and eat home cooking.

Needless to say, I do not expect to hear back from her. It sounded to me like she was looking for a short cut, a magic bean, that could transform a player into a college recruit. Don't get me wrong, good coaching is always an advantage, but it is not the difference maker and anyone telling you it is, is likely trying to line his /her pockets with your hard earned cash.

No, the difference maker is the player.

More precisely it is the player who always has a ball at his feet.  The player who is constantly working on his game.  The player who goes to sleep thinking about soccer and wearing a new pair of cleats to break them in, the player who awakes from a dream about soccer and whose first thought each morning is about how quickly he can have a ball at his feet.

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