April 2015 was the best month ever here at CBA Soccer Blog.

Thank you to our readers for making last month the best ever here at the CBA Soccer Blog. While a majority of our readership continues to be from North America and Europe I am constantly amazed by the far reach we have with readership extending to seemingly every corner of the globe. What started off as a way to publicize our camp programs has blossomed into something much larger thanks to you.!

I will be updating the "most read" articles section shortly.  Position #6 The Holding or Defensive Midfielder continues to be our most popular article of all time.  Surprisingly, three articles from the past found new readership interest in April. It seems the "search function" added to the website has made a significant impact in what you the readers of the blog have been accessing.

I will be moving past articles on the club tryout process to the fore once again.  I am debating whether to place these articles collectively on their own page or simply republish them as part of the main blog.  Which would you prefer?

Coming this week will be my musings on professional athletes making the same common mistakes found in youth soccer.  I was quite perturbed to see the Crew SC allow two goals to DC United on defensive errors one would expect to see in youth soccer.  These are professional athletes for crying out loud!  And I will touch on how the errors that got the Crew SC beat yesterday can be attributed to the system or style they play. Mental mistakes. Mental toughness. Lack of discipline.  Not accepting the responsibilities that come with the freedom the system offers.

For those of you local to me, I am building portable kickback boards.  If interested in purchasing one, please contact me. Pictures and specific pricing will follow later this week. These are incredibly sturdy and relatively lightweight. They will fit in the trunk of most cars.  I have decided to do this because a ball and a wall remains the best self instructional tool I have found for young soccer players. The portable kick back boards can be used by individuals or small groups. Slam! is one of the games kids love to play and requires nothing more than a ball and a wall.

For one of our camps this summer I have been asked to install "our" system of play. That is a lot to ask for in a one week camp but I believe we can provide the basics. I am putting together supplemental practice plans to be used throughout the season to continue honing and building the system throughout the year.  This is my first attempt at laying this all out and trepidation is running amok.  I admittedly form a loose seasonal plan when coaching a team myself. I select 3 parts of play I wish to focus on as a general theme for the season and have specific activities in mind to address these, but am largely adaptable as the season progresses.  So much of what I do is team specific - get to know the players and how they best learn. This varies from group to group, season to season and sometimes day to day. Maybe there is something article worthy here?

The Book:  I have had computer problems the last couple of weeks so the book project was put on hold. I continue to write what I hope will be a manual with basic and fundamental coaching concepts that will be useful for all, but especially those who are embarking on the NSCAA diploma and or USSF licensure routes.  Both organizations have worked to restructure their programs to meet the needs of their clientele, but they both still assume a basic understanding of both the game and coaching is present when such is not necessarily the case with many seeking coaching knowledge. We're going to address that and I believe it be done in a manner that will be helpful to novice coaches through seasoned veterans alike.

Finally, I have one and possibly two openings for camps remaining this summer. If interested, please contact me at or by texting/calling 567-204-6083 

Thanks once again for helping us continue to grow!

Yours in soccer,

Coach Brown

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