Creating Numbers Up Situations.

We devote a lot of time on this site to creating situations that are advantageous to the team. A colleague refers to this as accumulating assets.  I told him I like that nomenclature and was stealing it to use with my programs. Hey, it's what we coaches do - borrow / steal from one another!  lol

The ball carrier engaging a defender to create a 2 v 1 situation against that defender with a teammate. The Cues for Combination Passing are based on this action. When defending we look to establish pressure on the ball and cover in the diagonally forward passing lanes as soon as possible, especially when the Cues for Pressing are present.

It is said, the best pass in soccer is one that successfully defeats multiple opponents - the more opposition players eliminated, the better.  It was with these ideas in mind that a former player asked if there was a type of pass I would consider to be the worst pass to make. 

Hmm... I had not thought about passing from this perspective, but one type of pass came immediately to mind.  The square pass, especially in our own half of the field and executed by backs.  A square pass that is intercepted immediately eliminates two of our players from the action.  The intercepted square pass is instant quick counter to goal.  In this context, a poorly executed square pass puts the opposition numbers up in our defending third.  Yikes!

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