Next Play!

Soccer is a game you play with your brain.
Johan Cruyff
Soccer is indeed a game played with your brain. It's all about the problems the game presents and the decisions made to solve those problems. In-game problems are usually presented by opponents, but referees and even the environment can also pose problems to be solved. These problems constantly present themselves to individuals, small groups of players and entire teams throughout the course of a game.
Physical mistakes will be made.          Mental mistakes will be made.
There is no disputing that mistakes will be made. In fact, a lot of mistakes will be made. That's not really the issue here. No, what we are concerned with is the reaction to a mistake.
Once a mistake is made it becomes part of history.
This is a fact. Nothing can be done for the last play when the mistake was made. The only viable option is to look to the next play. To state it another way, the last play is no longer something you can control, but the next play is. 
The game does not allow for compounding your mistakes by hanging your head and muttering "my bad."  If you take that route you will find yourself in the exact same place your mistake has come to rest - the past. The game will leave you behind. 
The wiser course of action is to keep moving with the game. Move on to the next play because that's where the action is taking place. That's where you need to be in mind, body and spirit. Do not delay in getting there for that would only perpetuate the cycle of negativity. Stay in the game. Stay in the moment. Stay out of the past. Keep your focus on the Next Play!
The best immediate reaction to a mistake is no reaction.

Stay in the game. Stay in the moment.
 - this is a sign of maturity in your game.

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