Best month ever at CBA Soccer Blog

Following our most successful summer of camps ever it seems natural momentum would carry over to the blog. September saw us have the busiest single day in our history and as we close out the month it will go down as our best in the history of the blog as well.

I have received some inquiries about writing a book based on my postings here. I am taking this under serious consideration. I find myself thinking along two different themes for a book. The one most seemed interested is a book on my coaching methodology and theory. Another I am considering is a chronicling of the past 12 years focusing on our 3 sons playing high school soccer.

Our family has almost made it through the final high school season of our youngest son.  Those 12 years have seen some good times in high school soccer. They have seen some very painful times as well. Overall, there can be no doubt our club soccer experiences have far exceeded our high school soccer experiences. That would need to be part of the story as well.

I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to the readers of this blog.  I tend to use it both to pass along information and as a means to vent my frustrations with soccer related circumstances that arise in our lives. One lasting impression I am struck with is the devout loyalty to one another of our players. There is a deep and lasting bond established on our teams that endures.  Those I have coached know I consider them as extended family. My wife and I refer to them affectionately as our adopted sons. The success of our teams is grounded in the knowledge that we are family and have one another's backs in soccer and in life. 

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