Happy Memorial Day weekend!
I will not be posting much the next couple of days as my family and I enjoy some time together. So, I wanted to say Thank you! to the men and women who have fought, were injured and those who paid the ultimate price that I might live in a land of Liberty and Freedom.  It is important to remember, despite revisionist history, that our Founding Fathers believed they were creating a Christian nation when they established these United States of America. That Freedom OF Religion was established in order that every man could worship God as he saw fit and not as a government dictated. Inclusive in this is the Freedom to worship the god of your choice or to forego worshiping a god altogether. The Constitution of these United States and it's Bill of Rights is based soundly in Biblical principles, right down to the separation of Church from State.
I thank those who won and preserved and continue the battle to maintain our Freedom and Liberty from all threats foreign and domestic. And extend the same gratitude to all those around the world who have fought to to win, preserve and extend the march of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all around the globe.  May God Bless each and every one of you and
May God Continue to Bless America
May America Bless God.

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